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Trusted and Verified Certificates. Avoid identity theft, fake documents, fake certificates and delays in background checks. Share, verify, own, manage and control - all your credentials - safely, securely and surely.

All Credentials

Academic Credentials

Academic Record, Degree Scrolls, Paper Certificates, Digital Certificates, Achievements, Awards

Identity and Personal

Identity Documents, Personal Information, Contact Details, Residence, Residence History, Social Media Presence, LinkedIn Profile, GitHub Repositories, Online Presence

Experience and Professional

Work Experience Letters, Salary Slips, Professional Awards, Professional Training Certificates

Secure All Credentials Now

Highest Credibility and Trust Standards


McAfee Safety Seal
Personal Data Protection
Secure Sharing


2048 bit SSL
256 bit Encryption
End to End Encryption


Pre-verified Profiles
Origin Confirmed
AI-driven verification

Trust and Credibility - Solutions Based on Roles


School, University, Institute


Individual, Job Seeker


Company, Employer


Consultant, Expert Trainer

Issuers​​ - Earn credibility, gain trust and expand

Manage all credentials digitally

Create, Design and Release Certificates - Digitally and on-paper.

Verified credentials

All credentials released by a verified issuer on a verified template is automatically verified.


Be in touch with your certificate holders (e.g. students, trainees) even after they have graduated.

Expand and reach out

Reach out to more students via issuing verified certificates. Shareable certificates and badges increase market reach.

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Holders​​ - Added advantages to your career

A safe vault for all credentials

End to End encryption for all certificates. Digital, secure and forever.

Verified credentials

Verify your information, credentials and ensure job-readiness.

Share securely

Share your credentials with recruiters and other agencies as needed, with absolute security and peace of mind.

Skill enhancements

Bridge the gap between your current skills and credentials and what is needed / popular in the job market.

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Recruiters​​: Fast hiring, pre-verified profiles, better employee engagement

Pre-verified candidates

Access credentials of applicants securely - manage verified profiles with pre-verified information.

Employee engagement

Keep in touch with employees, and provide rewards, recognitions and personal documents securely.

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Providers​​: Targeted reach for your offerings

Expand your outreach, explore new avenues

Connect with and offer your services to fresh graduates and other individual credential holders.

Highly targeted audience, better return on investment

Reach out to specific credential holders who need your services, in a privacy compliant way.

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Pre-Verified Profile - For trust, credibility and faster jobs

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